Tuesday 15 November 2011

On the bus

I'm at the ABC Indigenous Staff Conference in Adelaide and we are on the way to a welcome to country.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Pics from the Curtis Finn Touch Tournament

Today was a great turn out for the Curtis Finn Touch Tournament held in Bilambil today. 
Wollumbin defended their title winning the cup.
Congratulations to Tamra Forde for putting on such a great and successful day.
Here are some of the pics.

Friday 10 June 2011

Curtis Finn Touch Tournament

Today a bunch of people are getting together in Bilambil all in the name of raising awareness of youth suicide and youth depression.
The 2nd Annual Curtis Finn Touch Tournament will be held at Bilambil Sports Fields will be held today in memory of the late Tweed man who tragically took his own life two years ago.
Competition organiser and sister to Curtis, Tamra Forde, said she decided to hold another carnival after last year’s success.
“Last year we had teams already promising to be bigger and better before the day was over,” she said.
“There was such a comradery amongst everyone; we knew it was something that could be even better.”
Tamra says she hopes this will become a major event in the Gold Coast/Tweed Community to raise awareness for suicide prevention in partnership with the Inspire Foundation.
“As a new community event, we want to raise awareness about the issues facing young people and how we can help them and support the families who go through what we have,” she said.
“In turn we also aim to help decrease the rate of suicide amongst young people.”
Last year’s turn out saw 13 teams register with over 170 players, and over 150 people in attendance.
“We are hoping for as many teams as we can, and of course, the more the merrier at the fundraiser day,” Tamra said.
Again this year all funds raised will be donated to the Inspire Foundation.
“Last year our community event was the largest and most successful for Inspire, which is a great motivation for us to be involved with them again this year,” Tamra said.
“This time around the emotion is not as raw but it is just as hard to bring such a big event together for someone you loved so much,” said Tamra.
“Bringing the community together in Curtis's name and to raise awareness of this issue makes us happy to make a difference.
“For everyone to stand together - it was just awesome last year to see how many people wanted to be involved for Curtis.”
The competition kicks off at 9am at Bilambil Sports Fields from 9am.
There will be raffles and prizes, a BBQ, home made cakes, stalls and live entertainment after the final, come and watch the action.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Last paper (for now)

So it is the last edition of Be Counted for now, and this is where I continue to put all the useful bits of information I gather.
It's been a great ride, but it is with great sadness I bid the paper version of Be Counted farewell for now.

Read the last edition here!

Friday 6 May 2011

Beating the stereotypes down.

So I am here in Sydney for the Koori Mail's 500th edition and 20 year celebration. Waiting for my friends who blew me out. So we decided we'd bail the pub we were in to find some live music. On our way to our next adventure we saw some poor fella getting his head pounded in by a couple of guys. As we arrived stopped and stared the cowards ran off and me and my partner stood making sure that his attackers weren't coming back and tried to get him a lift home from his friends or a cab. But while we were trying and all cab drivers were seeing was some drunk dude and avoiding picking him up. A bunch if cops cars pulled over asking if we had seen the assault. We had only caught the end and were not able to identify the offenders but there was one man still around who saw the whole thing and even intervened to pull 6 guys of this vulnerable man. And guess what he was a proud as punch blackfella proud of his job and helping some poor bugger who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was willing to give a statement as so was I. But What I was disappointed about was the by standers looking at him giving a witness statement and thinking he was being picked up cos he was a blackfella. I could tell by the way some, not all, looked at him. This dude had balls to help this fella out by trying to get 6 guys of him. And then he hung around to give his statement to police. Who'da thunk that that two blackfellas would be hanging around to help someone who was picked on and trying to find this poor fella some justice? Would that surprise you? It doesn't surprise me in the least. Solua

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Australia's got talent pole dancer

Why can't a man do a pole dance? I never thought of it before, but I am now a fan after seeing Matthew Sheilds on Australia's Got Talent.
I love someone who is poised, gracious yet not afraid to express themself fiercely. 
Go Matthew!