Friday 6 May 2011

Beating the stereotypes down.

So I am here in Sydney for the Koori Mail's 500th edition and 20 year celebration. Waiting for my friends who blew me out. So we decided we'd bail the pub we were in to find some live music. On our way to our next adventure we saw some poor fella getting his head pounded in by a couple of guys. As we arrived stopped and stared the cowards ran off and me and my partner stood making sure that his attackers weren't coming back and tried to get him a lift home from his friends or a cab. But while we were trying and all cab drivers were seeing was some drunk dude and avoiding picking him up. A bunch if cops cars pulled over asking if we had seen the assault. We had only caught the end and were not able to identify the offenders but there was one man still around who saw the whole thing and even intervened to pull 6 guys of this vulnerable man. And guess what he was a proud as punch blackfella proud of his job and helping some poor bugger who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was willing to give a statement as so was I. But What I was disappointed about was the by standers looking at him giving a witness statement and thinking he was being picked up cos he was a blackfella. I could tell by the way some, not all, looked at him. This dude had balls to help this fella out by trying to get 6 guys of him. And then he hung around to give his statement to police. Who'da thunk that that two blackfellas would be hanging around to help someone who was picked on and trying to find this poor fella some justice? Would that surprise you? It doesn't surprise me in the least. Solua

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