Tuesday 17 May 2011

Last paper (for now)

So it is the last edition of Be Counted for now, and this is where I continue to put all the useful bits of information I gather.
It's been a great ride, but it is with great sadness I bid the paper version of Be Counted farewell for now.

Read the last edition here!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Solua

    I'm so sorry to hear there will be no more editions of Be Counted. It was/is a fabulous initiative and fantastic product. I hope that you will consider keeping the editions you have created so far available online. They are a great example of the story of a community over the last few years and belong as a permanent contribution to the historical archive of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

    I look forward to one day again seeing BeCounted on the streets, even if it is the cyber-streets.

    I bought my first copy of Tracker today. I purchased it along with the Koori Mail from my local newsagent. The role of journalism and media is so important in shaping our understanding as a nation. And your contribution as an Indigenous person in that field cannot be under-estimated. Whether you make your contribution in a BeCounted style Independent publication, the mainstream ABC or here in the blogosphere, we, need you. Your passion counts, your ideas count and your words count.

    Thank you again and I very much look forward to reading the becounted blog.

    Thank you again.